School Shootings and Trump News Got You Down? Listen to Bob Marley — Again

My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.” — Bob Marley

Americans are now in a state of perpetual crisis.  Collectively and individually, we are stressed out to the point of just about losing our minds.  The nostalgic old-school Cold War has nothing on the perma-present “War on Terror.”  The Cuban Missile Crisis?  Millennials would eat that stuff for breakfast.  Police Shootings and Hate Crimes? Just part of our everyday diet. Big Whoopee.

The “Dis-United States of Dis-Integration” is unravelling.  The onlooking and incredulous world perceives us as a freak exhibit, a side show, a tragic-comedy of human history.  In short, our mechanistic, materialistic, and militaristic society is stomach turning reality show, a bloody gladiator circus, that the human race has grown weary of.

Are You Too Smart to Get Caught Up in Trump News?

As much as we like to think we are too smart to “get caught up in” the media frenzy of violence, racism, corruption, and ecological destruction, we are not. We severely overestimate our ability to “rise above the noise.”  It seeps through to our ears, into our subconscious, and subtlety and silently clicks on a cortisol drip in our nervous system. Subsequently, it deeply erodes our peace, contentment, strength, patience. It erodes our mental and physical health — one small drip at a time.

In the Bush Era we were introduced to the “Code System” of Threat and Terror. If our omnipresent and allegedly “omniscient” surveillance intelligence community and military geniuses decided it was a “regular” threat, we were now in “Code Blue.” If things were dicey, we notched up to “Code Yellow,” or “Code Red.”  It was so goofy and was mocked continually by late night stand-up comedians, they eventually dropped that from the bag of tricks.

In the Trump Era, all we do in mainline “Code Red” at high dosages all the time, everyday.  We are like stress addicts, sucking up whatever B.S. the “Powers That Be” decide to introduce to keep everyone stressed, off-balance, and most importantly — Distracted.  Trump is an ugly, dangerous clown in a dilapidated roadside circus show called Western “propaganda.” Democracy needs propaganda to be a constant in order to maintain the front of civilized and participatory political behavior.   Just do not step out of the rigid narrow borders drawn around discussion, or else you are labeled “fringe” and you do not get your view heard in the playground.

You Are Free “Vote for Any One” — Of Our Two Clowns

“Would you like a kick in the balls or in the stomach?” That is Freedom? In our wonderfully “free” democracy, you only have to stay within the spandex-tight parameters the Powers That Be say the conversation can include.  You are either “Liberal” or “Conservative.” You are either Democratic or Republican.  You are either For, or Against, Gun Control, School Prayer, Trump’s Wall (to keep us in?) or whatever else the propaganda machine says you may pick from.

Pick Hillary or Donald. That’s it! There is your Democracy.  “Love it or Leave it!” Bernie Sanders? Who? Not Allowed.  Wrong country.   Go join one of those Commie Socialistic Countries that have a bunch of freaky political parties.  Dam Anarchists!

American’s have been force-fed a rigid, binary load of crap around political issues and candidates for over a century.  Our “leaders” treat us like three-year-olds; “Chelsea, do you want to pick up your toys, or help Mommy clean up the dishes?” Antiquated Binary and Bi-polar thinking.  Is it not time to finally grow up?

You Cannot Fight Death with Death, Nor Hate with Hate

As a Jujitsu, Qigong, and Tai Chi instructor, I teach that in order to deal with negative force

(a hit for example), step off to the side and redirected that force.  Confronting Crazy with Crazy only produces more Crazy.  If a negative force is coming your way, do not keep standing there.  Step to the side.  Let it flow past you.  Rise above a hostility with calm and peace.  To every punch they throw, step aside.  Then, counterpunch — with positive energy.

Bob Marley was a warrior.  His weapon was his imagination, his integrity, his musical talent, his guitar.  Bob Marley was actively touring the world and generating positive music with a theme of racial harmony, non-violence, and the peace when South Africa was under Apartheid.   That racist government banned the playing of any of his music.  It was considered too dangerous.

How could such a positive music and message be considered “dangerous”? The racist South African government knew better than we just how deadly positivity can be to violence and oppression.  So did Bob Marley.  He was not lamely singing jingles for the Jamaican Tourist Board or some lame-ass Cruise Ships.  Marley was using his spirit, through the vibration of his voice to battle this powerful negative energy.  He was slaying dragons — with sound.

Sound Therapy for Our Trumpian Dystopia

Taking care of yourself, AKA, “Self-Care” is the most revolutionary act you can do in an oppressive society.  It is a fierce act of non-violent Jujitsu to maintain one’s balance, center, health, and composure.  We are basically walking bags of water with an electrical charge.  Retuning your electrical charge to sustainability and the correct frequency is vital.  We can do this through meditation, Qigong, exercise, prayer, and sound therapy.  Music is sound therapy for our bodies, spirits, and our electrical vibrational field.  Renowned Biologist Bruce Lipton breaks down the specifics of the science of sound therapy.

Bob Marley’s music not only have extremely positive and healthy messages through the literal meaning of his lyrics and words.  They also have power through the energetic vibrational wavelengths emanating from the sounds.  Bob Marley’s positive music is sound therapy.

Keep it simple.  Keep your body, mind, and spirit strong so you can resist tyranny, oppression, and propaganda.  Respect yourself enough to take a dose of peace to counteract the dosages of stress.  Bust out your old wax and put on some Bob Marley tunes as sound therapy.  In doing such simple, small acts as this, we restore our souls. We slay dragons.

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