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Influenced at an early age by his favorite musician and songwriter, Bob Marley, music has a profound impact on his life, healing, and social consciousness. As a youth, he was heavily influenced by Reggae, Soul music, African music, and Folk Music from around the world. As a musician he has trained with master teachers of keyboards, hand percussion, the Mbira (the “African Thumb Piano”), guitar, and vocals. He has written numerous songs and will be traveling extensively around the globe to collaborate with musicians worldwide in an effort to build harmonious international alliances through the universal language of music.

A lifelong love of comics and graphic novels is leading Frank to collaborate on some innovative projects through Less is More Press LLC.  Comics, graphic novels, and Children’s books are projects currently in development. In conjunction with a team of illustrators and writers, Frank will be pushing the envelope on illustrated genres and creating some amazing work centered around the themes of social justice, sustainable living, and history.

These projects will be available shortly on his publishing company website (

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