Justine Damond’s Murder is “The Chickens Coming Home to Roost”

Frank Blaney

The “United” States of America has never been united. Halfway through the history of the nation, brothers fought brothers and families divided over a war about slavery and race. Race. The United States of America never was, and never will be color-blind. Eight years of a melanin-rich president (who genetically was more Irish than African) is inconsequential to 300 years of systemic racism and policies violently enforcing White Supremacy.

“All Lives Matter!?” In the eyes of the Creator and from the lens of the moral universe, they most certainly do. But in the streets of America, only White lives matter. Justice’s blindfolded eyes stay closed when brown skinned bodies hit the pavement, dead. The murder of unarmed Tamar Rice, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland and Philando Castile, et al., ad infinitum, stand in sharp contrast to the murder of Justine Damond. The Washington Post’s analysis shows that black men were seven times more likely than white men to die by police gunfire while unarmed.

When Shaun King of the Daily News reported tragic murder (not “death,” MURDER) of Justine Damond, he reported that in this still young year of 2017, there has already been 660 police killings in the “United” States of America. The “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave,” has become the “Killing Fields” for numerous Black and Brown people. Yet, from the inception of America’s revered Constitution, a Black person was only 3/5’s of a man and an Indigenous person’s worth? Nothing. That is why “Manifest Destiny” declared we could rob them of their soil and lives.

Today a known misogynistic, racist, and ruthless business man (“Your Fired!” . . .?) is voted in as the leader and chief of these “United” States of America. In what way has this nation ever been united? Wrong term. These are the United States of Chaos. This is George Orwell’s apocalyptic vision of institutionalized oppression– on steroids. This murder by police of an “immigrant” White Australian women was a 3D symbolic bloody metaphor of all that is twisted in the United States. This event prophetically marks the end of the subterfuge of the “Democratic” Experiment.

The whole world is glaring, and seeing clearly, America’s dark dirty secrets. Like the Johnny Cash song reminds us of Belshazzar in the Bible, we have been “weighed in the balance, and found wanting.” This is due to the fact that a soon-to-be married, yoga teacher, was being a good citizen and calling the police about a possible sexual assault in a nearby alley. In return for her civic duty and brave moral actions, she was brutally gunned down in cold blood—by those assigned by society to “protect and serve.”

Now everyone knows this happens daily to people of color in the U.S.A., and has been for hundreds of years. But on this fateful night, it happened to the purist prize of a collective built on the foundations of White Supremacy—the “sacred” White woman. This is the “The chickens coming home to roost,” of police brutality for White America.

In the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm elaborates as to his infamous comment which lead to his eventual expulsion from the Nation of Islam. He was under attack from both Whites and Blacks for attempting to sociologically contextualize the murder of our White President:
“It was, as I saw it, a case of ‘the chickens coming home to roost.’ I said that the hate in white men had not stopped with the killing of defenseless black people, but that hate, allowed to spread unchecked, had finally struck down this country’s Chief Magistrate.” [ author’s emphasis]

Far too soon, the prophetic pronouncement of Philando Castile’s mourning mother fell from heaven into White America’s gentler world, tragically demonstrating to their face what “justice” looks like every day for people of color in the United States of Chaos. Valerie Castile’s words of next it will be “you, you, and you,” fell upon the heads of White America.

Fox News reported that the policeman who murdered Justine Damond was a Somali-Immigrant, who is now a U.S. Citizen. The victim was an “immigrant” also, yet an immigrant from a predominantly White country. So according to the double standard applied via race in the U.S.A., this means she could not be pejoratively labeled as a “possible terrorist,” since she was fortunate enough to be lacking in adequate levels of melanin to qualify for that label. That excuse is reserved for, and branded upon, every Black or Brown immigrant who has fatal encounters with law enforcement. The dreadful treatment of immigrants in the United States has finally brought “the chickens coming home to roost” on our immigration policies.

“The chickens coming home to roost” for the “Brothers in Blue.” Since the officer is a Black male originally from Africa named “Mohamed,” how long and strong will the “Blue Wall of Silence” stand for him? Why was his name, picture, and even address released? When did this last happen with a White police officer who shot a Black or Brown person?

How long will it take for accusations to be hurled at him for being a closet extremist Muslim arise? If he had shot a Brown or Black person, he would still be “golden,” for that is allowed in the United States of Chaos. And worst still for White America, a Black-African male finger pulled the trigger of the gun—killing a White woman. They were just “doing their job,” right? The “chickens coming home to roost” for the pervasive double standard of color that permeates the history, polices, politics, and policing of the United States of Chaos.

I wish that Justine’s fiancée had applied for immigration status in Australia, rather than the other way around. Maybe she would have still been breathing and alive to love her family. I wish Philando Castile was still alive to love his family. The “Democratic Experiment” has sunk.

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