H & M’s “Monkey Business” & Trump’s “$#!*Hole” — Happy MLK Day

The “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is no longer your monkey. He is a proud strong man who will defeat you–By any means necessary.


Dreadlock Rasta

On the eve of Dr. King’s Memorial weekend, the African-Diaspora Community he died for (rather, was murdered for) incurred two powerful hits.  First, the Commander and Chief of the largest standing army and military in history called Haiti and Africa (both of which are 99.9 % populated by peoples of African descent) “Shitholes.”

Hit number 2? The world’s 2nd largest global clothing retailer depicted a cute African-American boy in a sweatshirt saying he was the ‘coolest monkey.” Swedish-based H & M has of course issued an apology for the advertisement, stating that they will be “reviewing their internal routines.”  Yeah. Right.

“Dove,” in their racist marketing photos of an African-American woman pulling off her shirt (after using their “whitening” product) to reveal a White woman, stated similarly, that they were “re-evaluating our internal processes for creating and reviewing content.”

This seems to be exploitive corporation’s mantra when they spew their humanity denigrating imagery upon the public airwaves.  It is the international corporation’s equivalent of the mantra that “peace” officers who gun down innocent African-Diaspora peoples say to the courts for the record; “I feared for my life.” Yeah. Right. Really? Happy MLK weekend from those that hate you and seek your subservience or destruction.

In other words, the “Powers That Be” were sending a crystal-clear message (one they send every second of every day) that if your melanin level exceeds that of a brown paper bag, you are worth “less than nothing” and potentially on a hit-list. They can mock you, target you, treat your life as less than that of an animal, and you will always have a big red target on your chest (or head) just like your great Black saviors had (Martin and Malcom). Happy MLK weekend! Once again.  If you missed their memo, here it is again in this first dam month of 2018!

Right now, in this first month of 2018, we have to channel the spirit of the great Dick Gregory.  If you do not know his legacy, you need to check out Andre Gains biopic of the late prophet, social activist, and “comedian.”  He was the epitome of a master of the survival skills Black folks have used for centuries in the West when analyzing White Supremacies public messages. Trump’s rabid nonsense is true on only one point — “Fake News.” All news in “Amrikkka” is “Fake News.”  To get the real news, follow the $.  That is what the great prophet Dick Gregory taught me as a young child.  Follow the dam money.

When I was a young boy, I heard Dick Gregory tell me that in order to get the “real” news, I needed to read the business pages of the newspapers first. Because 6 months later, what you read there will materialize in the 3D world, because money runs the Western world.  No doubt.  So let’s get back to H & M (and “Dove”).

Dick Gregory is alive and well and being channeled through conscious folks worldwide. And, for all of you right wing “Tumpaholic” trolls; No, I was not in on the H & M meetings, and I do not have “proof.”  All I can do as a victim of fascism and poverty, is tell you what I can logically conclude from the “Fake News” your Right Wing cronies promote. Much of humanity’s survival depends on being able to “read between the lines” of your allies lies.

I find it more believable to subscribe to the existence of space aliens, Bigfoot, and the earth being flat, than to believe these billion dollar corporations do not understand the context of Black American’s being pejoratively called “monkeys” for centuries.  Am I supposed to believe that college educated advertising professionals do not understand the connotations that any 12-year-old ignorant uneducated “Cracker” from the anywhere in Amerikkka can figure out? I am supposed to forget that when it comes to the All Mighty, All Holy, “bottom line,” there is no such thing as “Bad Press?” Get real.  These companies make money every time they sell Black folks down the pike. Every time.


The bottom line is this: All these racist corporations PURPOSEFULLY put forth the divide and conquer racism agenda to divide and conquer those who are not part of the 1%.  There are, within all segments of influential society (finance, politricks, media, law, advertising, etc.) those who have sold themselves out to serve the 1%. Conspiracy theory? Hmmm. Really?

Dr. King was murdered by the Amerikkkan government who sent a seasoned military hit squad to Memphis one week before he arrived in room 306 at the Lorraine Hotel and got shot in the dam head.  A saint-like, non-violent activist to the umpteenth degree was executed by our government who felt his “peace” message was too radical.  That is a conspiracy theory? There is a gymnasium size room of tangible proof right in Memphis at the National Civil Rights Museum that proves this is true.

I shudder to think what Dr. King, a hero of non-violence, human rights, and the dignity of the African Diaspora peoples would have to endure in 2018.  Bush, Trump and the Amerikkkan government hijacked Stevie Wonder’s heroic efforts to turn King’s birthday into a national holiday. They try to twist him into some corporate, ass-kissing “Teddy Bear.” King was a revolutionary Lion.  His birthday is not your toy to twist into corporate propaganda.

King was a revolutionary Lion. This is why billion dollar corporations still feel a need to denigrate the proud survivors of the massive corporations kidnapping of African peoples to the Americkkka’s. The money-stealing enterprise that made up the backbone of “Amerikkkan” economic greatness—slavery.  African-American’s are not descended from “slaves.” They are descended from, strong survivors of a massive kidnapping effort.  They are strong. They are “Buffalo Soldiers.”  

The “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle?” is no longer your monkey.  He is a man.  H & M, Dove, and the Amerikkkan government know that. That is why they assassinated a peaceful saint descended from Africa. This is why they assassinate the character of African-descended peoples to this very day.

On this hard fought for holiday to celebrate a modern African saint’s life and sacrifice, we who are conscious European-descended allies and peoples of the African Diaspora declare this to you:

You cannot kill Africa.

We dare you to view the “Black Panther” movie.  The kingdom of Wakanda is alive, and well, and ready to kick into action.  There is no longer any “cool monkeys” in your dam jungle.  Only proud women and men who will no longer tolerate such evil and oppression. Your jig has ended. Your myth of White Supremacy has died an inglorious and way overdue death

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