The Priceless Gift — Integrity

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Embed from Getty Images "What The World Did Not Give to You, The World Can't Take Away" --- Traditional Black Gospel Lyric We strive for all sorts of odd things in our brief lives.  "Success" (whatever that means), fame, true love, attention, honor, riches, enjoyment, so on and so on.  We continually strive for that [...]

Healing Male Trauma

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Embed from Getty Images   I have worked professionally with literally thousands of traumatized young men.   I have also worked with hundreds of traumatized girls and women.  Healing male trauma successfully is a bit unique, in contrast to the work generally done with female victims of trauma.  Not completely different; both genders have the [...]

Why Violence Against Women Will End in Our Generation

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Embed from Getty Images I am far from an optimist by nature.  I grew up in untrustworthy Los Angeles, with a street savvy and tough single mother as my role model.  I was raised to distrust virtually everything I encounter.  Yet, after years of working professionally to fight Gender Based Violence (G.B.V.), I am profoundly [...]

Word, Sound and Power

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The Subconscious Power of Our Words “Word, Sound and Power” is a Rastafarian concept that affirms the profound subconscious power of words.  The subconscious power of our words is lost upon this distracted generation. We speak forth words unthinkingly. Too often we speak words (into the ears of our children and loved ones) without really [...]

Losing a Mentor: The Impact of Death of Anthony Bourdain

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Embed from Getty Images It was a serious hit for me the morning I heard of Anthony Bourdain’s demise.  Ironically, I had just finished telling my wife of his story of how his amazing media career blew up from a lone article published in The New Yorker Magazine.  Seconds after I relayed that story, she [...]

This Tax Season Audit Your Life

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The IRS may be auditing your finances.  Your real problems may be much deeper than that. Author Frank Blaney in thought roaming West Ireland. April 17th is Tax Day in the Dis-United States of America.  Everyone hates giving away money to the government, for various reasons. The political Right makes claims that it [...]

How Did “Black Panther” Make So Much Money? Black Dollars Matter, Black Lives Matter, & Black Hero’s Matter

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              Wakanda is here to stay---and white supremacists and racist Hollywood dam well better get used to it.   The long weekend is not even over and Marvel’s “Black Panther” has already broken records in both global and domestic ticket sales. According to the New York Times, on February [...]

Men’s Quick Mental Health-Hygiene Checklist

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We get one body and one shot at life. So make it a dam good shot. Honor your mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. As the last millennium was flipping over, everything in my life was flipping over (and upside down.) I was going through a very difficult divorce and had major economic and [...]

Does Your Workout Include a Spiritual Practice?

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Author at a Temple We as men are under siege in a lifeless, dead, concrete jungle. ONLY our spirits, spiritual power, and creative imaginations can transcend these barriers. We all know we are supposed to exercise in some way, shape, or form daily.  Whether most men do or not is questionable. There are [...]

2018 Is a Brand New Game

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“Old tricks and strategies do not work. Your grandpa’s and dad’s tool kit are not adequate to fix the broken things these days.”   Given the unsettling changes politically and culturally this past year in America, it is clear that 2018 will call for new tools and approaches to ride these changes. will be a [...]