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Teach Your Daughter’s to Fight

2018-08-26T13:46:31+00:00 August 26th, 2018|

#Timesup to Train Our Daughter's to  "Fight Like A Girl." I raised four sons.  Not only did I (like every parent) pass along to them my "issues," aesthetic taste, and love for Mexican food.  They also inherited something I did not have the privilege of receiving as a child --- fighting skills.  Through dragging them [...]

Your Life Is Scripture

2018-08-19T11:49:09+00:00 August 19th, 2018|

Your very life is “scripture.” Your every thought, word, or deed is a concrete manifestation of either love and faith, or hate and fear.  Your every choice and action are “revelation.”  They reveal what you truly believe, not what your traditions state, your family told you is right, or what a touted spiritual leader proclaims.  [...]

Cultivating Calm

2018-08-12T09:53:38+00:00 August 12th, 2018|

Embed from Getty Images How Can We Gain Calm in the Midst of the Life's Storms? There are few things I love more than the tangible, kinetic feeling of being calm.  Learning to cultivate calm is an art, science, and discipline.  Cultivating calm was a primary goal of the Stoic philosophers, Buddha and [...]

The Priceless Gift — Integrity

2018-08-05T14:09:23+00:00 August 5th, 2018|

Embed from Getty Images "What The World Did Not Give to You, The World Can't Take Away" --- Traditional Black Gospel Lyric We strive for all sorts of odd things in our brief lives.  "Success" (whatever that means), fame, true love, attention, honor, riches, enjoyment, so on and so on.  We continually strive for that [...]

Healing Male Trauma

2018-07-29T12:43:17+00:00 July 29th, 2018|

Embed from Getty Images   I have worked professionally with literally thousands of traumatized young men.   I have also worked with hundreds of traumatized girls and women.  Healing male trauma successfully is a bit unique, in contrast to the work generally done with female victims of trauma.  Not completely different; both genders have the [...]

Why Violence Against Women Will End in Our Generation

2018-07-09T09:28:52+00:00 July 9th, 2018|

Embed from Getty Images I am far from an optimist by nature.  I grew up in untrustworthy Los Angeles, with a street savvy and tough single mother as my role model.  I was raised to distrust virtually everything I encounter.  Yet, after years of working professionally to fight Gender Based Violence (G.B.V.), I am profoundly [...]

Word, Sound and Power

2018-06-18T11:05:19+00:00 June 18th, 2018|

The Subconscious Power of Our Words “Word, Sound and Power” is a Rastafarian concept that affirms the profound subconscious power of words.  The subconscious power of our words is lost upon this distracted generation. We speak forth words unthinkingly. Too often we speak words (into the ears of our children and loved ones) without really [...]

Losing a Mentor: The Impact of Death of Anthony Bourdain

2018-06-11T09:42:51+00:00 June 11th, 2018|

Embed from Getty Images It was a serious hit for me the morning I heard of Anthony Bourdain’s demise.  Ironically, I had just finished telling my wife of his story of how his amazing media career blew up from a lone article published in The New Yorker Magazine.  Seconds after I relayed that story, she [...]

Why I am Not Pleased with Weinstein’s Arrest: An Open Letter to Influencers

2018-05-28T10:16:29+00:00 May 28th, 2018|

Embed from Getty Images On the Friday before the U.S. Memorial Weekend, Harvey Weinstein showed up at a New York police station to “turn himself in.” Many of the opinion pieces I read over the weekend hailed this as a major victory for the victims of the #Meetoo movement, and for women worldwide. It is [...]

You Must Create Your Own Dam Healthcare System!

2018-05-14T09:06:24+00:00 May 14th, 2018|

"Always Remember This Power that Nature Gave You” --- Marcus Aurelius (from the Stoic Philosopher’s book, “Meditations”) Newsflash! You are your own savior, your own doctor, your own guru.  You do not need an intermediary between you and the health and lifestyle you desire.  The cavalry, government, institutional systems, and gurus cannot do a dam [...]